Last year when I was in Russia for the marriage ceremony of my cousin, I had a lot of fun which gave me the chance to know about many things such as I got certain experience of gambling and off course I got to know something new which I will share with you all further. The concept of the game is being taken from a lost continent called as Lemuria, which I have not heard before. As we know that a combination of science and history leads in many areas in which gaming is also an option. I am sure before going through this post you was not aware of this word.

This is a machine of having five reels of play which you can use in 243 different ways of entertaining yourself. The interface will give you the feel as you are going somewhere on hunt and being lost. There are lots of symbols being depicted in the slots of the line. The combination of the icons in the slot in a significant way will reward you in many ways. It contains two symbols which are quite special. The graphics used to characterize this will hunt you and you cannot make yourself to peep out of this. The first and foremost is the wild and scatter symbol which will give the prize of free spins which you can use to cash up or enter in the further round of play. It is composed with the icons which are being in use to show off the world like water, fire etc.

One thing I am sure that it not so tough one to through this for a new comer too, going through the user manual and rules one can find his way through this. You should go for once.